Mutual Funds Banking is a private investment group which specialized in selected and crisis-independent investment strategies at the global financial markets. We are dedicated to providing profitable yet reasonable investment returns to our clients based on our real investment from the real market. It is our philosophy to place the safety of investor funds at the forefront of every matter things.

How do we generate returns
When oil and food prices rise, wages stay stagnant, housing prices decline and unemployment goes up, most investors don't expect much from their portfolios. Bad news and tough economic times generally herald tough times for most investors, as corporate profits plummet and stock prices decline. On the other hand, dismal economic news is music to the ears of Mutual Funds Banking managers and their investors.

    Investment plans

Plan Minimum/Maximum Terms Total return
Plan 1
$500 - $1500
48 Hours
Plan 2
$1501 - $3,000
24 Hours
Plan 3
$3,001 - $5,000
12 hours
Plan 4
$5,001 - $10,000
8 hours
Plan 5
$10,0001 - $500,000
4 Hours



Join our Referral Commission program
We offer 15% referral commission on all deposits for the clients you refer. You can qualify for referral commission even though you don't have an active investment plan yourself.
All referral commissions are paid directly to your e-currency account.
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